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The role of L-type Ca2+ channels in small artery remodeling.





Hangaard, L., Jessen, P.B., Kamaev, D., Aalkjaer, C., & Matchkov, V.V. (2015). Extracellular Calcium-Dependent Modulation of Endothelium Relaxation in Rat Mesenteric Small Artery: The Role of Potassium Signaling. Biomed. Res. Int., 2015:758346.


Kudryavtseva, O., Herum, K.M., Dam, V.S., Straarup, M.S., Kamaev, D., Briggs Boedtkjer, D.M., Matchkov, V.V., & Aalkjaer, C. (2014). Downregulation of L-type Ca2+ channel in rat mesenteric arteries leads to loss of smooth muscle contractile phenotype and inward hypertrophic remodeling. Am. J. Physiol. Heart Circ. Physiol., 306, 1287-1301.

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Ph.D student / post-doc

Dmitry Kamaev

Principal Investigator

Prof. Christian Aalkjær