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Technology development for in vitro small artery remodeling studies.



Egholm, C., Khammy, M.M., Dalsgaard, T., Mazur, A., Tritsaris, K., Hansen, A.J., Aalkjaer, c.,  Dissing, S. (2016). GLP-1 inhibits VEGFA-mediated signaling in isolated human endothelial cells and VEGFA-induced dilation of rat mesenteric arteries. Am. J. Physiol. Heart Circ. Physiol., 311, 1214-1224.


Nyvad, J., Mazur, A., Postnov, D.D., Simonsen Straarup, M., Brøndum, E., Aalkjaer, C., & Matchkov, V.V. Functional analyses of rat mesenteric small arteries in vivo and the role of anaesthesia. Submitted to J. Physiol.

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Ph.D student / post-doc

Katarzyna Krawczyk

Principal Investigator

Prof. Karl Swärd