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Application of ex-vivo cultured arteries as bioreactor facility.


Building up to the initial work of ER1, the bioreactor systems need to be further developed and expanded with models of pathological conditions. The knowledge and skills developed to create pathology will provide new insights in disease development and management. The ability to use controlled in-vitro disease models for prolonged periods will have impact on high-throughput screening and up-scaling in cardiovascular research and therapy development. Objectives: 1. To identify stimuli and develop mechano- and biochemical regulated culture protocols for culturing pathological tissue 2. To standardise, following regulatory guidelines), application protocols for testing of novel diagnostics and therapeutics provided by third parties. 3. To scale up the bioreactor facility for high throughput screening. Training: The ER will receive extensive training in conducting regulated pre-clinical in-vitro studies, and commercial core facility service development in the cardiovascular field, including technological, management and commercial aspects.



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Ph.D student / post-doc

Carmelina Angotti

Principal Investigator

Dr. Marco Stijnen / Jurgen de Hart