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  • Aleksandra Mazur
Shirin Issá Bhaloo


Vascular Stem Cell migration in response to chemokines in Vascular Diseases.



King’s College London, London, United Kingdom





In 2009, I graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of Lisbon, College of Pharmacy. Then, I did an internship in a pharmaceutical industry manufacturer of drugs, where I continued to work as a Quality Assurance Specialist. In 2012 I started a new international project as a Technical Director of a Healthcare Supply Chain company which was very exciting and challenging and which enabled me to learn important new skills. However, my passion for research kept growing and so in 2014 I joined Professor Qingbo Xu’s group at King’s College London, in United Kingdom, as a SmArteR network PhD student. My PhD project focuses on the study of Vascular Stem Cell migration in response to chemokines in the context of vascular diseases. More specifically, our group has discovered that the expression of a particular protein is increased in patients suffering from vascular diseases, namely atherosclerosis. I am studying the role of this protein in inducing migration of vascular stem cells and its potential as a new therapeutic target. Additionally, the receptor to which this protein binds has not been shown yet. Our preliminary data has revealed important receptor candidates. I hope that the findings of this project open doors for new therapies in vascular diseases.