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  • Aleksandra Mazur
Elisabetta Di Bernardini


Prolonged in‐vitro culturing and functional assessment of arteries and application of ex‐vivo cultured arteries as bioreactor facility



LifeTec Group (LTG) B.V., Eindhoven, The Netherlands





In July 2007 I got my bachelor degree in Biotechnology and in July 2009 I got my master degree in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, both at the University of Pavia. In July 2013 I got my PhD in Biomedicine at King’s College London, within the “SmArt” programme. The title of my project was: Endothelial lineage differentiation from induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells is regulated by miRNA-21/AKT and TGFβ2 pathways.I completed my postdoc, as a “SmArter” fellow in March 2016. At LTG I was appointed as Senior Researcher to perform pre-clinical studies on porcine carotid arteries cultured ex vivo in vascular bioreactors. For this project I worked in the R&D process to develop and design long term culture protocols and assays. In the vascular bioreactor I applied physiological hemodynamics in order to keep tissue functionality and viability. Artery segments were cultured under (patho)physiological conditions in a system that allowed application and monitoring of pressure, flow, compliance and wall shear stress. At the completion of my postdoc, I was appointed as Associate Scientist at Merck until September 2016. From September 2016 I am attending a Master in International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy at the SDA Bocconi Business School in Milan, as tuition waiver beneficiary.