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  • Aleksandra Mazur
Carmelina Angotti


Application of ex vivo cultured arteries as bioreactor facility.



LifeTec Group, Eindhoven, The Netherlands





I graduated in December 2010 in Molecular Biology at University of Turin, Italy. During my PhD program in Experimental and Medicine Therapy at University of Turin (2012-2016), I gained experience and knowledge in cardiovascular physiology, developing cardioprotective strategies in-vitro and animal models against ischemia/reperfusion injury and in presence of comorbidities. In the framework of a collaboration with University of Angers (France), I spent almost two years at INSERM U1066; the research project concerned the development of a therapeutic strategy combining microcarriers delivering a small peptide associated to multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells for cardiac tissue engineering. In December 2016, I joined LifeTecGroup in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. My project is focused on developing long term protocols to culture blood vessels with an innovative research platform, the vascular bioreactor, and models of pathological condition in it. Within collaborations with others partners of the Consortium, I spent two months at University of Lund, at the Department of Experimental Medical Science; the  project was focused on  the study of the regulation of microRNA expression in vascular smooth muscle by the NOTCH signalling pathway. I’m currently working in collaboration with the team of Prof. Curzio Rüegg at University of Fribourg, Switzerland, studying the role of shear stress on endothelial function.