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Beatrice Bedussi


The extracellular matrix of cerebral resistance arteries as a drainage pathway for amyloid beta



University of Amsterdam / Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands





I graduated in July 2013 at the Faculty of Pharmacy-University of Pavia, Italy. Thanks to the Erasmus Scholarship, I spent 7 months at the Laboratory of Pharmacokinetics, INSERM U705/CNRS UMR 8206 in Paris, to complete my master thesis on the transport of the amyloid β at the blood-brain barrier (BBB). In March 2014, I joined Prof. van Bavel’s group at the Biomedical Engineering and Physics Department in Amsterdam. My PhD project is focused on the drainage of fluids and solutes in the paravascular spaces around cortical vessels and along the extracellular matrix of small parenchymal vessels in the brain. In the first part of my PhD I studied the anatomical relation between fluids, vasculature and brain structures. Currently, I am working on an in vivo protocol to visualize the paravascular space of cerebral vessels and to quantify cerebrospinal fluid speed and direction.