Meibergdreef 9 1105 AZ Amsterdam
Our goal

We are a group of European academic institutes and enterprises who perform R&D in the field of small arteries. We aim to improve scientific understanding of the role of these blood vessels in cardiovascular disease, and to pave the way for new therapeutic options.

Our network started in 2009, funded by the Marie Curie training programme of the European Commission (‘SMART’), with continuation from November 2013 to October 2017 based on a new Marie Curie grant (‘SMARTER’).

These grants have allowed us to set up large research training programmes for Ph.D. students and young post-docs. It is our philosophy to share our research progress and available technology with the scientific community. While we cannot include new partners, we do allow participation in our network symposia and training events where possible, and we are always willing to help you with your questions and ideas on collaboration in this field.