SmArteR Workshop, Munster and Amsterdam

March 13th-15th 2015, Muster, Germany

On March 13th-15th 2015, the SmArteR network travelled to Munster for the Workshop in extracellular matrix. During the first day, the workshop was combined with The German Society for Matrix Biology meeting. The general theme of the matrix meeting was the vasculature and topics relevant to vessel structure and function. The meeting continued in the second day, when the consortium could attend the session about ECM in vascular bio logy sponsored by the SmArteR network. In the afternoon, the SmArteR workshop was complemented with different talks. On the third day, the students presented the highlights of the speakers’ research in a 20 min presentation where the impact or potential impact of the different meeting speakers’ work on small artery physiology and pathology was presented and discussed. This session was organized for students to read up on topics outside of their fields and to broaden their knowledge and also to interact with the researchers and students of other labs. The purpose was also to give students the knowledge to be able to both understand the talk better and the confidence to discuss with speaker at the meeting.


After exciting presentations and discussions, the ESR and ER students headed to Amsterdam for the hands on Workshop.


Program SmArteR Workshop, Munster


German Matrix Biology Annual Meeting, Münster March 12-14, 2015



Thursday, March 12th

12:00-18:00 Registration

13:34-14:00 Welcome and opening by Johannes Eble and Lydia Sorokin

14:00-15:00 Key note speaker: Benjamin Geiger

(The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel)


Session I: Epithelial cell layer: Barrier and anchorage

15:00-15:35 Arnoud Sonnenberg

15:35-16:10 Sara Wickström (University of Cologne)

16:10-16:30 TBA from abstracts

16:30-17:00 Coffee Break

17:00-17:35 Matthias Schäfer (ETH Zürich, Switzerland))

17:35-17:55 TBA from abstracts

17:55-18:25 TBA from abstracts

18:25 Welcome Reception: get together and keep posted at the posters.


Friday, March 13th  


Session II: Biomechanics: muscles –tendons – bones

9:00-9:35 Markus Ruegg (Biocentre Basel, Switzerland)

9:35-10:10 Manuel Koch (University of Cologne)

10:10-10:30 TBA from abstracts

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-11:35 Frank Schnorrer (Max Planck-Institute for Biochemistry, Martinsried)

11:35-12:10 Denis Discher (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA) (CiM Lecture)

12:10-13:00 TBA from abstracts

12:10-13:00 Lunch Break

13:00-14:00 Poster Session


Session III: Cell adhesion: forces – regulation –inhibition

14:00-14:35 Ada Cavalcanti-Adam /Joachim Spatz (University of Heidelberg)

14:35-15:10 Matthias Schneider (Boston University, Boston, USA)

15:10-15:30 TBA from abstracts

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-16:25 Johannes Eble (University of Münster)

16:25-16:50 Juan Calvete (University of Valencia)

16:50-17:15 Michael Schäfers (EIMI, Münster)

17:15-18:15 Business Meeting of DGMB

Aasee-Terrassen: Young Investigator Award of DGMB: presented by Liliana Schaefer

19:00-19:30 Herbert Schiller (Max Planck-Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried)

19:30-19:40 Presentation of the nominees and the winner of YIA

19:40-20:00 NN: Young Investigator award winner 2015


20:00 Conference Dinner, including Presentation of the Poster Prize Winners



SmArteR Workshop on ECM-Programme 


Saturday, March 14th


Session IV: ECM in vascular biology- Sponsored by the SmArteR ITN network

9:00-9:35 Curzio Ruegg (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)

9:35-10:10 Stefan Schulte-Merker (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands)

10:10-10:30 TBA from abstracts

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-11:35 Karl Plate (Goethe University of Frankfurt)

11:35-11:55 TBA from abstracts

11:55-12:30 Ralf Adams (Max Planck-Institute for Molecular Biomedicine)

12:30 Lunch Break and departure



SmArteR Workshop on ECM-Programme


Saturday, March 14th


14.00-15.00 00 Lydia Sorokin (Münster) – Structure and Function of the Extracellular Matrix

of the Vasculature

15.00 -16.00 Friedemann Kiefer (Münster) – Optical Imaging of Blood Vessels

16.00-16.30 Coffee

16.30-17.30 Rupert Hallmann (Münster) – Endothelial cell Types and their Characteristics

17.30-18.30 Annika Keller (Zurich) – Perivascular Cells and their Contribution to Vascular


18.30-19.30 Board meeting

18.30 Get together with the students

20.00 Dinner with speakers


Sunday, March 15th Student Reports on Experts in the Field of Vascular Cell Biology


09.00 – 11.00

20 min + 10-20 min discussion student reports of speakers and the relevance of their work

to small artery physiology or pathophysiology

Groups of 2-3, reporting on

Denis Discher (biophysics)

Joachim Spatz (biophysics)

Ralf Adams (endothelium and pericytes)

Stefan Schulte Merke (angiogenesis)

Karl Plate (tumour angiogenesis, VEGF)

Curzio Reugg (integrins)

11.00 -11.30 Coffee

11.30 -13.30 Continuation of reports

13.30-14.30 Lunch

14.30-16.00 transfer to Amsterdam for practical courses


After the insightful Munster workshop, the ER and ESR students travelled to the lab of other of our partners in Amsterdam to have a hands on in small artery research techniques. The workshop was organized to show how to study the role of a certain protein in small arteries in hypertension by using different techniques/approaches. The students were divided in teams so that they could learn the most interesting technique for them, answering at the same time a research question:

Question 1: Can we confirm enhanced expression in the mesenteric arteries of hypertensive rats, and possibly other types of vessels (brain, renal, aorta, …)?

Techniques: vessel isolation, real-time PCR.


Question 2: Which cell types in the vessel wall express gene X?

Techniques: vessel isolation, embedding, sectioning, immunostaining, confocal microscopy.


Question 3: What is the effect of the protein coded by gene X on vessel tone? Does the endothelium play a role in this response?

Techniques: vessel isolation, pressure myography.


Question 4: Is there a difference in the response to the protein coded by gene X in vessels from hypertensive rats as compared to normotensive rats?

Techniques: vessel isolation, wire myography.


On the last day, students had time to present the technique they used and discuss the results obtained.





Monday, March 16th . AMC


9.00. Welcome and introduction of the casus. Erik Bakker

9.20 Introduction in vitro techniques for small arteries. Ed van Bavel

10.00 Introduction to confocal imaging. Eric Reits

10.40 practical issues / assignments of tasks to groups. Ed van Bavel

11.00 start of practical work and further intro to specific techniques.

12.30 lunch

13.15 continuation instructions and practice of techniques.

17.30 end of day 1

19.00 dinner at the ‘Lieve’ restaurant: Herengracht 88, 1015 BS Amsterdam



Tuesday, March 17th . AMC

9.00 Lecture: In vivo models of vascular remodeling. Erik Bakker.

9.45 Short discussion on progress / troubleshooting

10.15 Further experiments, further instructions on techniques.

12.30 lunch

13.15 continuation experiments, data analysis. Demonstration cranial window. Beatrice Bedussi.

17.30 end of day 2

Free evening to enjoy Amsterdam


Wednesday, March 18th .

9.00 Morning: finalize experiments, data analysis.

11.45 lunch

12.30 presentation of data and discussion of results.
15.00 End of program.



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