Structure and function of small arteries in health and disease: an introductory course

22 to 24 October, Garda lake, Italy

The SmArteR Summer School ‘Structure and function of small arteries in health and disease: an introductory course’ was held in Poiano at the Garda lake, from Wednesday October 22 to Friday October 24 2014. The purpose of this ‘Summer’ School was to provide junior researchers, notably Ph.D. students, with an introductory understanding of the role of small arteries in health and diseased conditions, and with the strategies and methods that are used to study these vessels. Interactive lectures were given by leading scientists in the field, and we held group discussions on literature and discussion on the research work of participants with respect to small arteries. During the ECCR meeting that followed the course we provided additional lectures. The course was well attended, by around 25 Ph.D. students, and was unanimously considered as a great success, with inspiring lectures and discussions in a beautiful setting.


Program SmArteR Summer School, Garda


Wednesday, 22th October

12.00-13.45        Registration        

13.45-14.00        Word of Welcome

Ed van Bavel                                                                                                                     

Small arteries: an overview

14.00-15.00       Lecture  1:  General overview of the circulatory role, function and structure of small arteries.

Ulrich Pohl, Munich, Germany   

Regulation of small artery contraction                     

15.00-16.00        Lecture 2: Contractile function of arterial smooth muscle and its molecular mechanisms.                                                     

Per Hellstrand or Karl Sward, Lund, Sweden

16.00-16.30        break

16.30-17.30        Lecture 3: Role of ion transport in regulation of contraction of arterial smooth muscle.                                                          

Christian Aalkjaer, Aarhus, Denmark

17.30-18.30        Lecture 4: Role of endothelium in modulating arterial smooth muscle tone.                                                                                   

Markus Hecker, Heidelberg, Germany               

Regulation of arterial structure

18.30-19.30        Lecture 5: Remodelling of small arteries

Mike Mulvany, Aarhus, Denmark

20.00-                     dinner                                                                                                                                



Thursday 23th October

Small arteries in disease


08.30-09.30        Lecture 6:  Endothelial dysfunction in hypertension.

Daniel Henrion, Angers, France   

09.30-10.30        Lecture 7: Arterial remodeling in hypertension

Damiano Rizzoni, Brescia, Italy

10.30-10.45        Break     

10.45 – 11.45     Lecture 8: Small arteries and the metabolic syndrome                                                                                                                  

Etto Eringa, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Specific circulations

11.45 – 12.45    Lecture 9: Regulation of vasomotor function of small coronary arteries in health and disease. 

Akos Koller, Pecs, Hungary                               

12.45 – 14.00     Lunch                                                                                                                                                   

14.00 – 15.00     Lecture 10: Regulation of cerebral circulation. Role of small arteries.

Peter Toth, Oklahoma, USA                                                

15.00-16.00       Lecture 11: Hormonal and humoral regulation of arterial resistance (estrogen, angiotensin II, norepinephrine, endothelin)

Jo De Mey, Odense, Denmark


16.00 – 16.15     break

16.15-18.15        preparation of group assignments

19.00                    dinner



Friday 24th October

Presentation of assignments by students


08.30 – 10.30     presentation of group assignments

10.30-10.45        break

10.45-11.45        presentation of group assignments (continued)

12.30-1400         lunch

14.00                   START OF ECCR